Mailbox Replacement Information

Each homeowner is responsible for the proper maintenance and replacement of the mailbox.  In the event of missing mailbox parts (door, flag, etc.) or damage to the boxes, they should be replaced.  Any homeowner who wishes to replace their mailbox for any reason will need to obtain a similar size mailbox so as to blend with the existing mailboxes.  Replacements can be found at stores such as Menards and Lowes.  The current mailbox dimensions for the plastic mailboxes are approx. 7 3/4″ w X 20″ 1 X 9″ h.  Suggested replacement information is listed below:

  Lowes Hamilton Black Polymer Mailbox by Rubbermaid (Item # 55861)
Dimensions:  7 1/2″ w X 20 1/4″ L X 10 1/4″ h
$13.97 (cost is approximate)

Standard Black Rural Mailbox (Item # 37715)                   Dimensions:  7 1/4″ w X 20 1/2″ L X 9″ h
$14.97   (cost is approximate)

Homeowners with joined mailbox posts (kiosks) will all be held responsible for the post only.  Please remember that the mailboxes are each homeowner’s sole responsibility.

Newspaper Box Replacement Information

In the event that your newspaper box is damaged, it should be replaced.  The boxes are not available for purchase at any home store or hardware store.  The boxes are manufactured by Suburban Mailbox Company and can only be purchased through the company for approximately $15 by contacting them at 262-784-8714.

Lamp Post Replacement Information

Purchased from:    City Lights and Fans
13300 W. Capitol Drive
Brookfield, WI  53005


Description and Part Number
Lamp Post Light (70W/120V) – Part No. 555-S9935BP-blk-oa
Outdoor Post (10 ft.) – Part No. 555-350-10-blk-08
Bottom Post Wrap – Part No. 555-139-3-blk
Lamp Bulb (70w hps) – Part No. 200-lu70med(s3127)
Photo Eye – Part No. 555-#8
White Plastic Lamp Panel (4 pieces) – Part No. 22-002-102
Panel Retaining Clips (6 pieces) – Part No. 33-072-00

Available Contact Person:  Craig, 262-781-9048

Photo eyes and lamp bulbs are available through the Association Board.

Prices are as follows:

Photo Eye – $10.00
Lamp Bulb – $12.00

The Association provides a replacement bulb to each homeowner (free of charge) every 3 years.

Also, if you wish to purchase a bulb or a photo eye from the Association at any time, please contact Board President Steve Kundert.